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You Can Have Anything

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You can have anything you want, but you can’t have everything!

Have you ever given that a thought? Life, society, governments, the world seems to want us to believe we can have it all, but how true is that? There’s a lot of anger in the world and on our streets today, and one has to wonder if it’s because of a contemporary assumption, that everything is up for grabs and anything and everything is theirs if they desire it. What do you think?

To be honest, I don’t want everything – I don’t even know what that means anyway. There are some things I do want and I just focus on them and I Am satisfied to say the least. I know I can have anything, in fact some days I look at what I have and remember when I began to consider it desirable in my life. I must be very good at manifesting because much of what I’ve wanted has come my way.

At times I have changed my mind and let go of what I first wanted, especially if I notice my endeavours are leading me to see a better alternative. Easy to do, bet I’ve done it too many times to count, and I have enjoyed my longing for and receiving the ‘anythings’ I have imagined. Along the way to finding the ‘anything I want’, I live a life of interaction with others, family, friends and colleagues, and each one of them is striving for ‘anything and/or everything’ to come to them too.

“When you are discontent, you are always wanting more, more, more. Your desire can never be satisfied.
But when you practice contentment, you can say to yourself, Oh yes – I already have everything that I need.”
Dalai Lama

Crossed paths and crossed tempers can ensue if one’s cause is so determined to succeed at all costs – someone may have to let go – or – something may have to give. This happens on a personal and global level all the time, discontent on a global scale like never before!

For example someone in a position of power wants to stay there and enjoy the trappings and prestige such power brings, and yet there is another person, equally determined and bent on removing them from that position of power, for their own gain.

Watch out everyone and anyone who gets in their way. Messy business for sure, compromise nowhere to be seen!

On a more day to day level, or a personal level we have small ‘crossings of paths to entertain’ and may be blissfully unaware because ‘it’ means little to us. But if we find ourselves undermined, or locking horns with someone who is not into a shared path, one who wants to rise up over you, or take what you are willing to share, then you may need to stand your ground.

It may be scary to say “this is something I want”, but it will be so empowering for you to say.

If it has meaning to you, life may be calling you to say or shout, ‘this is something that I want‘, and find an avenue of common ground with them. Not always easy, but if you don’t go for things you want, you will be left with nothing, and that is so dis-empowering. We come from all walks of life, we all have purpose and meaning, we will cross paths with some, we will share paths with many.

Ah, sad to say many adults don’t know how to share, they believe in striving for their needs and wants with little thought for others. They are some of our greatest teachers if you can see it though, because it is from them that we learn what we truly want. Conversely, you are their greatest teacher; if you stand your ground now and again to let them know your wants or to know you exist right alongside them, and are happy to share with them, maybe they will make for change.

Sharing is a great compromise and a great leveler. It is a time where you will know that you can have anything you want, but not everything, and hopefully the other in your life will too.

Have you been faced with an opportunity to compromise or share lately only to be faced with a cross word or a brick wall?

Ah yes, I know that can be hard, but don’t give up, state your case and stake your place! Of course don’t sweat the small stuff if it is of little concern to you, but if it is, speak up now, you are just as worthy as they!

“He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have.” Socrates

So true, chart a course for the ‘any-things’ you want, try not to want ‘every-thing’ and find contentment with what you already have.

Till we chat again dear friends,

xx WendyJoy xx

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