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My Mum, Your Mum, Women Of The World

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Another mothers day is upon us and as I sit contemplating the last 7 years without mine, I feel she is more alive to me than ever before. I can still feel her touch upon my head as I picture her in my mind’s eye, I still know her gentleness and her courage when times for me seem lost in the past; my mother lives on.

Mothers are like that, having been conceived in utero we gain our first lessons in biology, anatomy and physiology as our bodies grow. We have an intimate bond for life whether we see them, like them or love them as adults, a fact is a fact.

Our rhythm of life began with the beat of our mother’s heart beat. Is it any wonder babies cry when born, to never again be cocooned within the steady rhythm of security and love?

Our mothers gave us our first lesson in basic human rights. You cried and she came, you cried some more and you both learnt a new way of life. She taught, that if you cry, she would know you had needs and that she (and the family) would honour your right to food, shelter and loving comfort.

Over time you would also learn about esteem, respect of yourself and others. This takes a lifetime of learning and yet at the first cry you had your mumma running and by that, you learnt to assert yourself. From such simple beginnings you have made it to here.

I believe the spirit of the mother is in all of us. If you are one who finds sadness on mothers day because your mother is not here, or because you are not able to conceive a child I hope you find the mother within your heart on Sunday. Reach out to other women on this day if you can.

Women find support and love in a community, women love making networks – we don’t need to always hear their spoken word – we love to sit in the space and make room for the circle to grow. We grow from these links in the family of women, in the community of women and is it any wonder?

Because, from the moment of conception, women have taken care of us: from conception, the foetus is nurtured and nourished, from inside the belly of a woman we are brought forth into this world; an amazing process and it is the story of and forms the circle of life.

Is it any wonder that we gain energy by being in their company, we share life, we gain, we grow
And from within this circle we freely enjoy the gift.

In the circle of woman we grow, learn and come to understand the wisdom within, we follow the path that leads us back to ourselves as we observe those around us follow theirs.

Woman can dance the ways of the men – but if you find yourself lost in it all, you may find connecting to the woman within a treat for the Soul this Sunday.

The spirit of the mother is in all people but especially so in the feminine form. Not all women embrace it, and whether we give birth or not, all women have spent 9 months in ‘in-utero-tensive’ training with her, and the spirit of it lives within you all.

Its time to celebrate the women in your lives this Sunday, your mother, your step mother, your grandmothers, sisters, aunts, big hugs to you all.

Just like the roses pictured here, women are a beauty to behold at any stage of their life.

Photo Credit: WendyJoy Smith April 2013

Photo Credit: WendyJoy Smith April 2013


Joy to all, especially to my cyber world sisters this Sunday, please share with us your 2013 mothers’ day stories

Many Blessings WendyJoy xx

2 Responses to “My Mum, Your Mum, Women Of The World”

  1. Natalie

    Beautiful post… Just like the woman who wrote it. I’m very lucky to have someone so special and wise in my life… The added bonus is I get to call her my mum. Here’s to celebrating everything special about you this Sunday. xx

    • WendyJoy

      Ah now that’s the only Mother’s Day present a mother likes to receive. No bought gifts, just reciprocal love in motion xxx mwah mwah xx


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