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Too Much Stuff In The World and Not Enough Peacefully Being!

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Continuing the Thursday ‘Wellsprings Heart Space’ Posts……

Have you ever taken a good look at what you’ve got in your cupboards, wardrobes, sheds and life in general?

Ah, I know I shouldn’t have, it’s never safe to do but I did, I started a spring clean up in autumn and now I know for sure, I have too much stuff! You too?

It’s all great stuff though I must tell you, at #*years old I have a few good things, like the good quality Tupperware circa 1975! I still love those boxes now without lids.

But the reason for the ‘review of all I have’ is that I have so much that I feel good about on the inside – yet on the outside – I feel closed in by too many possessions – all I have seems too cluttered and too much. Do you know what I mean?

I Am feeling full to the brim with an energy that comes to all seekers over time, with an inner knowing (and liking) of myself and my life. The trouble is, the outside is a byproduct of my journey so far and it’s time to get it sorted.

I begin with boxes I packed 3 and a half years ago and I’ve divided it all up into lots, some for the charities and the rest to the bin; feels pretty good so far.

It’s not just about making the inner and the outer worlds match, today it’s more about reducing the clutter so that what is left, is really valued and treasured.

I have virtually no paintings or pictures on the walls, quite spartan really, but I look into those walls when I meditate and it has become a most wondrous screen. I have fresh flowers, a few photos of those I have loved and at the end of the day, I have less dust, (gotta be a blessing) and room to swing and dance when no-one is looking.

and I think to myself what a wonderful world…….

What a Wonderful World” written by Bob Thiele and George David Weiss in 1967

I am not sure where life is leading me, all I know is that I am leading myself to a less cluttered house and shed with less on my mind to take care of. I love it! I Am contented.

Do you find that we are now people who value goods and chattels above the other good, our good health! I do. Good health is wealth and it is hard to see so many working long hours even though in my lifetime, the eight hour day was awarded to Australian workers.

People today don’t seem so healthy and wealthy and wise – they do look glamorous though – it is the era of the fashionista!

It is fun to unwind, go shopping, drink coffee and eat at cafes on the weekends after the long working days. But our bodies are growing like no tomorrow and we need bigger cars and houses to accommodate.

We will end up with everything we ever wanted, done all on our bucket list, all desires met and yet do you think will we be happy?
Maybe some of us will.
But the stats tell us that we are not as happy or as healthy as we once were.

We are filling up the world with a ‘search for meaning’ that cannot be bought:
Things don’t make us happy, plain and simple truth.

Happiness comes from within. Our world seems so full and cluttered to me and hardly anyone looks happy – I just want to go out and paint rainbows like council did on a pedestrian crossing in Sydney recently, (It didn’t last long though, as soon as it was there it was gone).

Maybe people are empty on the inside and glimpse only moments of happiness when eating out and/or are surrounded by ‘things’; a sad thought really.

Anyway, as I said in a recent post
“Here I AM with an antique collection of so many things
But take a look at this little cutie, a field, a rainbow and a few good friends is all she needs, bliss – contented

Photo Credit: Davichi via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Davichi via Compfight cc

I hope I have inspired you to take a look within & around you and I hope you like what you see. If you don’t then do some sorting, be discerning and send what you don’t want to those who are less fortunate financially. Win win & on the path to contented.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, now off you go and enjoy your day, make it a simple and peaceful one if you can

xx WendyJoy xx

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