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See what you will

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It’s funny when you are out and about and you bump into someone you haven’t seen in ages and you are feeling so happy and want them to see that in you but…… They comment!

They comment on how well you look with those doubting eyes. You just know that’s not what they mean, because in the next breath they ask again, so how are you, really? Oh dear, there I go, sink a little and find the words that will satisfy in such situations, like well must be off, blah blah blah. Heart sinks….

The truth is they see how you are, they don’t mention why they haven’t called me in ages….wish I’d seen them first and walked the other way – been there?

Ah it’s not their fault I guess, we all have good weather and bad weather friends and some in the middle – and – throughout life we are just not taught, and therefore are not equipped, with the words thoughts or deeds to help anyone other than those nearest and dearest and sometimes not even them.

Sad thought really I guess. So my offering today is another poem:

See What You Will

The colour that you see in me

Is perhaps the colour that you choose to see,

More so than what you believe I am projecting.

If I am wearing black

That does not mean all colour has left me

I feel ok,

You see what you will

The Rainbow in me

Still shines

There may be people in your life who are sad and it is ok to tell them that you are sad too and that may break the silence that can be like that old ‘elephant in the room’.

Try to overlook their sad eyes and talk to them like they are the most beautiful long lost friend that they are.

You will see their rainbow heart, deep within, that has been waiting for your heart space to open up and shine out to them. No words needed! Heart lifts

Take care friends, till we meet again next time

WendyJoy xxx

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  1. Janet

    This is speaking from the heart – it is spoken beautifully and with honesty.


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