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Grief: The dog and I get tangled

Photo Credit: WendyJoy Smith

Ah sweet grief, what a tangled web it weaves around us. Actually grief comes in all flavours, not just sweet, there is also sour, salty & bitter: But oh the bitter days are the hardest to me.

They are not the every day of the grieving caper though, that just wouldn’t be true to say.

They are tangled because you get caught up in the nonsense of it sometimes, just like I did the day I wrote this poem.

Blaming the dog for all my problems, but it was I that was causing problems, for the dog anyway. So easy to do, but aren’t they just the most loving and tolerant of all creatures? This little dog is such a profound teacher of mine

Anger comes and goes.

Of course we all know this but with grief you live it……

You are not angry at the one gone,

But you are angry that they have……..

They had no choice and couldn’t stay,

I have no choice and must…..

It came out at the dog, his dog!

She is so gentle and beautiful

But wont walk in a straight line:

I was so angry at having to walk back to untangle her.


I had to walk back – I had to repeat my steps

I had to untangle her – but, who is the one really tangled?

Well the lessons keep coming and I learn something new every day; my dog’s love knows no boundaries and well, how lucky am I?

I have found that grief is so much easier to live with when shared. How about you?

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